Why this blog?

During my last years, creativity – what it is, how it emerges, and how it could be nurtutred – has been one of my great interests. I, who now starts this blog is a medical doctor, a manager/leader, a father, a researcher, a communicator, an amateur photographer, an avid book reader och possibly more curious than most. After my traditional mid-life crisis, which comes upon so many of us, a new inner search for the fundamental answers to the eternal life questions, a new relationship and new acquaintances led me into a new interest path, that is how our brains shape us to who we are, and what a fantastic 1-litre creativity machine we are all carrying with us, with its enormous potential, but also hard-coded limitations that we are not always aware of.

By ploughing through numerous books and research articles, I successively drilled myself deeper and deeper into what the results of modern neuro and behavioural sciences could teach us about our creativity – not only a general understanding, but also practical guidance how we could further deveop thi wonderful gift. Some hundreds of books and articles later, and also personal explorations, I believe I have enough on my feet to share some insights, interpretation and practical advise on how we could increase the creativity in life. Hopefully, this will eventually lead to the publishing of my own book (or more), but meanwhile I will be writing some thoughts on this blog. I hope you will enjoy.

Detta blogginlägg på svenska

Author: Karl Ekdahl

International public health leader and creativity blogger.

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