1 000+ visits to my blog

1000When I started this blog a week ago, I only knew that I wanted to share my enthusiasm for issues related to creativity to others that may share my interest.

What I did not know was whether my thoughts would be picked up, or if I would be a lone voice in the desert, unheard of others. Especially knowing the massive competition for attention out in the cyberspace, I didn’t have any expectations for an immediate storm of viewers.

A week later, I am amazed over the interest. Since my first small post announcing this blog on 23 August announcing the blog, the creativity.net site has seen more than 1 000 visits.

Most of the visitors have been from Sweden, the rest of Europe and the US, but there have also been (a bit more unexpectedly but much valued) visitors from distant places like Trinidad and Tobago, Mali, Lebanon, Nepal, Vietnam, Colombia and Australia, to mention a few. In all, the visitors have come from 57 different countries, covering all continents of the world.

To me it shows that the topic of creativity is of universal interest, and not restricted to any specific, country or culture. It also gives me an inspiration to continue to write and to serve my readers.

If you find these pages interesting, you can further helt their spread by liking and sharing, and any reader is of course more than welcome to contribute with their comments.

Please also contact me if you have any wishes for topics to be covered.

svensk_flagga Det här blogginlägget på svenska

Author: Karl Ekdahl

International public health leader and creativity blogger.

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