If you want to achieve something – decide that you are already there


Doubting your ability is often the greatest obstacle to achieving your goals. If you have already ruled out your chances, you will never realize your dreams. When you really want to accomplish something, you should instead decide in your mind that you are already there.

If you want to invent something, the first step is to consider yourself as inventor. If you want to compose music, consider yourself a composer. If you want to write a book see yourself as an author. If you want to create art, take the role of an artist.

If you do not really submerge yourself in that feeling, you will remain a temporary guest in the new reality and not really be at home. If, on the other hand, when you struggle with your first painting, you naturally consider yourself an artist, you will also become one, even if it does not guarantee you to become a new Picasso or Chagall.

Once you decide how you want something to be and paints this future reality in your mind, you have already taken several steps towards realising your goal. Not least, visualization helps to remove your unconscious mental blockages that may otherwise obstruct the way between you and your goal.

In her book Creative visualization, Shakti Gawain has described four steps how to efficiently use visualisations to achieve different life goals.

  1. Start by defining your goal, which may be anything – a new job, finding love, a good health, a trip. The goal should be positively formulated. Being slim is a better goal than less fat.
  2. Create a clear picture or idea of ​​how you have already achieved your goal. The clearer and sharper the better. If the goal is a new job, then you’ll see yourself in the new job. Imagine the feeling of going in there in the morning. See the workplace in front of you, talk to the new colleagues.
  3. Focus on your mental image often, but do it without effort. There should be no striving or frustration in the visualisation. You’re already there.
  4. Fill your image with lots of positive energy. Get rid of any doubt that this is your new reality – or something even better than the image you painted up.

By visualising your goals and making it real, you will more easily see the roads leading there and the sacrifices you may need to make on the journey will feel easier and more natural – for in your mind you have already overcome the obstacles.

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Author: Karl Ekdahl

International public health leader and creativity blogger.

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