Take help to find your blind spots

blind spot

We all have a point deep inside our eyes, just where the optic nerve reaches the retina, where we do not have the ability to “see”. This is our “blind spot”. Also as humans, we carry blind spots in our personalities. These are peculiarities and behaviours that exist and prevent us from fully developing ourselves.

Although these blind spots can be completely obvious to the surroundings, it is meaningless to expect the persons in question to be able to to cope with them and adjust their behavious without help because they are actually blind to them.

You, like everyone else, have your own blind spots, and these can put obstacles in your way, not least if it is a behavior that other people find annoying. Knowing their existence, you should therefore take every effort to identify them. But as you don’t see them yourself, you have to rely on the help of others. If you are driven by an effort to constantly develop yourself and grow as a human being, you need to be prepared to open yourself to constructive criticism.

If you honestly and openly can listen to what others can tell about you, without immediately going into defense mode, you can gradually increase your self-awareness and eventually erase your blind spots.

But this requires courage to acknowledge your shortcomings both to yourself and others, and be prepared to work with them. And I can from my own experience certify that this could be a painful process.

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Author: Karl Ekdahl

International public health leader and creativity blogger.

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