10,000+ blog visits from all over the world


Almost on the day five months ago, I was contemplating to start writing a blog, sharing my views on creativity and personal growth.

From the very start I have seen this mainly as my own personal development journey. I have as a person always found it challenging to quickly express my views orally. I have envied those being able to eloquently and seamlessly without any efforts come up with coherent views on just about anything. This is not me.

My way of thinking has always been through writing. I have a basic idea of the topic, but it is in the process of writing my thoughts down on paper (in the later years on the computer) that I manage to formulate my views more coherently.

Of course, I was curious whether anyone would be interested in my thoughts, and if so that would be a great bonus, and also a confirmation that I was not totally off in my views and my thinking.

The past five months have been a great learning experience for myself, especially as my writing goes hand in hand with my reading. I read a lot about the topics I’m covering in my blog, and this is where I get my ideas and inspiration. Then I try to see how that input relates to my own views and experiences, and eventually a blog post may come out of it.

But when starting out with the blog, I couldn’t imagine that so many persons would be interested in reading what I write. So, 10,000+ visits to my blog makes me humble and grateful and it will inspire me to continue on this journey.

What gives me even more pleasure is that the interest in the topics I write about seem to be global. Some 70% of the visits have been from my home country Sweden, and second the US, but there are now also visits from 104 other countries  from all continents of the world (see map).

I’d like to sincerely thank everyone that has visited, and especially those that have come back, liked the posts and commented. You are my true inspiration. Thank you!

For those curious, the top ten visited posts in English are:

  1. Twelve strategies to increase your happiness
  2. Test your out-of-the-box thinking skills with the nine-dot problem
  3. Five steps for effective problem-solving (and 3 more)
  4. How the right diet could increase your creativity
  5. Six thinking hats
  6. Leonardo da Vinci’s curiosity
  7. The importance of a good night’s sleep
  8. The traditional vs the creative leadership
  9. Eight ways to boost your creative life energy
  10. To find your Ithaka

svensk_flagga   Detta blogginlägg på svenska

Author: Karl Ekdahl

International public health leader and creativity blogger.

8 thoughts on “10,000+ blog visits from all over the world”

  1. Thanks for your kind words. “Lagom” is really a typically Scandinavian concept. Let me reflect on the challenge. Meanwhile have a wonderful evening (or day) wherever you are. 🙂


  2. You have a fascinating blog, and the theme/topics speak to me in different ways. Creativity is intergenerational, multi-disciplinary, and cross-cultural. In times of streamlined consumerism, creativity shows a way how to remember and express our true diverse human nature. Looking forward to interacting more. All the best!


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