Test your creative outside-the box thinking skills with these insight riddles

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There are two ways of solving a problem. In the deliberate pathway, you think analytically. You try out different thinking techniques and slowly arrive at the conclusion. In the spontaneous pathway, you instead let the brain’s subconscious structures do the job and the end-result is an insight that often comes suddenly without any pre-notice.

The below classical riddles are designed to test your ability of having creative insights. It will help if you think differently. Be outside the box rather than inside it, or presume that there is no box at all. Answers at the bottom of the page.

  1. A fruit and vegetable trader is 47 years old, 181 cm tall and has size 43 in shoes. What does he weigh?
  2. In front of you you have a lion and just behind you a jaguar. You are armed with an anaesthetic gun with only one arrow. What are you doing?
  3. A pregnant woman gets into the delivery room and gives birth to two boys shortly after arrival, but they are not twins. How could this be?
  4. It’s in mid-January. A man completely dressed in black and with a black hat far down the head, is walking home from the movies on a back street with no street lights. There is no light from the surrounding houses and the sky is covered with thick clouds. A car with turned off headlights comes towards him but is able to stop before hitting the man. How could the driver see the man dressed in black?
  5. On a table is a basket with six eggs. Six persons each takes one of the eggs and then leaves. Nevertheless, there is one egg left in the basket. How can this be possible?
  6. It’s a stormy, cold and rainy evening. You drive past a bus stop where three people are waiting for the bus. One is an old friend whom you have not seen for many years and once he saved your life, the other is a highly-pregnant woman on her way to the delivery ward and the third your dream woman (man), you always wanted to get to know. Your car only takes one passenger. What are you doing?

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Answers to the riddles:

1) Fruits and vegetables. 2) Shoot the lion with the arrow and drive off in the jaguar. 3) They were two out of three triplets. 4) It was in the middle of the day. 5) The last person takes the basket with the egg in it. 6) Lend the car to your old friend and ask him to drive the pregnant woman to the hospital. Stay behind and wait for the bus together with your dream woman (man).

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Author: Karl Ekdahl

International public health leader and creativity blogger.

2 thoughts on “Test your creative outside-the box thinking skills with these insight riddles”

  1. 3) The midwife was the pregnant , Not and English native , hope that’s agree with the question .


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