Boost your creative ability through affirmations


I have previously written about the power of regularly visualising future goals and successes as an effective way to overcome blockages and tear down unconscious mental barriers to success. An effective way to get in a good creative mood ahead of a challenging task is to use the same visualisation ability to boost the creativity by doing an affirmation exercise.

The affirmation exercise is based on a technique developed by American psychologist Emmet Velten Jr., who showed that it is possible to influence the mood in both positive and negative directions by reading a number of sentences describing different moods for 5-10 minutes. The effect is short-lived, but sufficient to get you in the right mood for an idea generation session.

Take 5-10 minutes to read the below statements that tell you how imaginative and creative you are. It is important to take every statement seriously and really absorb the feeling and emotions of the words.

  • I am talented with great creativity and intelligence.
  • My ideas are innovative and useful.
  • I am creative and have the will to take advantage of my talents.
  • I increase my ingenuity in everything I do.
  • Creativity flows through each cell in my body.
  • I always develop new ways to do things.
  • Genius solutions come to me daily.
  • I see new, innovative opportunities around me.
  • New original ideas come to me freely and easily.
  • I love to express myself creatively.
  • I feel creative and inspired at work.
  • I am an innovator. My ideas are inspiring.
  • I follow my creative inclinations.
  • Being creative makes me so alive.
  • I am incredibly creative and imaginative.
  • I am a source of inventiveness.
  • I have a lively imagination.
  • I will easily come up with new ideas.
  • I find innovative solutions to problems.
  • I always have lots of unique ideas to solve the problems.
  • I practice my imagination at every opportunity.
  • I love the freedom that creative thinking gives me.
  • Innovative ideas come to me on a daily basis.
  • I am a creative problem solver.
  • My natural creativity shines through everything I do.
  • My ingenuity inspires others.
  • I find innovative solutions for all the difficulties in my life.
  • Genius ideas come easy to me.
  • I am very ingenious and inventive.
  • I can enter into a creative state of mind whenever I want to.
  • My creative problem solving helps me in my work.
  • I have an abundance of creative energy.
  • I am a visionary.
  • My imagination always gives me new inspirational ideas.
  • I am full of endless creative energy.
  • I have an adventurous, imaginative mind.
  • I create new masterpieces every day.
  • New thinking comes easy to me.
  • I always think of new, original ways to do things.
  • I express my unique creativity in everything I do.
  • My ideas are imaginative and useful.
  • I have easy to come up with new and fresh ideas.
  • I am a magnet for innovative ideas.
  • Being creative is one of my great pleasures in life.
  • Everything I create is inventive and unique.
  • Every day I let my imagination float to new heights.
  • I am incredibly creative and inspired.
  • I love playing with new ideas.
  • Original ideas come to me all the time.
  • I am constantly developing new, innovative ideas.
  • I am a creative genius.
  • I love thinking outside the box.
  • I love the feeling of being creative.
  • I allow my creative energy to flow freely in all modes.
  • I am inventive and resourceful.
  • I am good and creative in everything I do.
  • I have immediate access to unlimited inventiveness.
  • My natural ingenuity turns out in everything I do.
  • Today, I let my creativity float.
  • I use my natural creativity every day.
  • My creations are innovative and inspiring.
  • I am brilliant and successful.
  • My imagination is boundless.
  • My ideas are refreshing and new.
  • My creativity flows easily and effortlessly.
  • I easily find new solutions to problems.
  • I have an endless creative potential.
  • I am an innovative thinker.
  • For each day, I become more creative and inventive.
  • I find creative solutions to problems every day.
  • Brilliant ideas come to me all the time.
  • Today I let my imagination flow.
  • I practice new thinking at all times.
  • I can always count on my imagination for inspirational ideas.
  • I always go where my inspiration leads me.
  • I am imaginative and creative in everything I do.
  • Creative energy flows through me all the time.
  • I am an unlimited creative creature.
  • I have a fantastic imagination.

You can also use affirmations in other contexts, and connect the creative visualisation to any selected affirmations that relate to what you want to achieve. Formulate the affirmations in present tense as if you have already achieved your goal and in as positive choice of words as possible.

Short, concise affirmations are better than long and vague. Only use affirmations that feel genuine and true to you and do not contradict your feelings. Even if you feel an inner doubt about how realistic your affirmations are, it I important to get over that feeling and live into the new reality that you have now formulated.

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Author: Karl Ekdahl

International public health leader and creativity blogger.

3 thoughts on “Boost your creative ability through affirmations”

  1. Very helpful and handy affirmations, but they are not “short-lived” as you say. Affirmations are a great way of re-wiring the brain. They are only short lived if you allow it. If you do them just once or are not consistent with it, then yes they are short-lived. But affirmations, especially if you repeat them when you are in a drowsy state were your brain is in a Theta state, the affirmations go straight to your subconscious and as we all know, the subconscious is infinitely suggestible and creative.


    1. Thanks for this thoughtful comment. Indeed you are right, and this is really the basis for many kinds of meditations. By focussing the thoughts and attentions on for example loving kindness to yourself and others (as in the Buddhist metta bhanava meditation) you culture and integrate this trait. I have written about this in another blog post: Your will become what you think.


    2. Thank you for writing such empowering affirmations. I really enjoyed reading them. I believe the best way to really benefits from affirmations is to be able to connect the affirmations with our emotions and really believe that’s your reality.


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