That place between sleep and awake…


The most exciting things often happen at the borders. At the border between different cultures, at the border between faith and knowledge and at the border between day and night.

Just when you are in the drowsy state between sleep and awake, either in the evening or in the morning, you have the opportunity to connect to a very creative “almost-sleeping” state. The brain has then turned off all the external senses. The critical conscious mind that constantly analyses and judges all information based on previous experiences and knowledge is also disconnected.

However, your brain may nevertheless be in a very active state, but fully focused on the internal processes. On EEG, this appears to be less of high frequency electric activity (the normal condition at high alertness and active thoughts) and instead dominance of low-frequency beta and theta waves. Research has shown that highly creative individuals often have the ability to sink into conditions of low frequency EEG activity even during the day and this is an ability that can be trained.

Fragments of images, feelings, thoughts, may like from a volcano eruption uncontrollably appear from your memory bank and blend in new unexpected ways. New lines of thought and twists arise. If during the day or perhaps for a longer time, you have been pondering on a particular problem, the likelihood is that this is now included in the magma of other impulses.

Although in this state you can not evaluate the impressions you can register them, and if you are lucky enough to remember them shortly after the awakening. But the thoughts are volatile and if they are not written down with the same, they disappear quickly. Always keep paper and pen your side at the bed.

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Author: Karl Ekdahl

International public health leader and creativity blogger.

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