2 thoughts on “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart quote”

  1. Oh my Goodness, finally I understand why I am not like Mozart.
    Starting off to work in the morning I use the nights for sleeping and always thought I would need to do so!
    I’ll start composing at night. 😉
    The idea of being alone and then have creativity boost is good, but works from time to time, only. Sometimes you need others for pushing forward the ideas.

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    1. Thanks Bettina,
      Cretivity has its phases, and sometimes you can’t force the ideas. You could then let your subconscious brain do the work for you. First, you need to ponder on your problem, turn it inside out, do your research, discuss with colleagues and friends, then it’s a good idea to take a step back and let it go – walk on the beach, take a shower, put on a favourite record, simply doing something relaxing and compeletely different without any thoughts on the problem. Amazingly, the subconscious brain, during this incubation period then focuses on the unsolved problems. It’s not a coincidence that Archimedes got his Evreka experience in the bath and not in a tavern…


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