Five tips to get your creativity off ground


Sometimes the creative thinking process is flowing without us really knowing how it works, but at least as often we may get stuck and don’t really know how to proceed. In these situations, different stimuli such as words, images, objects, etc. can be very effective in sparking the associations and thus the flow of ideas. Most effective are unrelated stimuli, which should be as different and distant as possible from your problem to really get you thinking completely outside the box.

The following five tips will help you next time you get stuck in your creative work.

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To see things from different perspectives


Sometimes we are so caught up in our own preconceived views on how the world is that we have difficulties to see things from any other perspective than our own. It is therefore useful from time to time to be reminded that the world is not black and white, but have endless gray nuances, and that the same situation may look very different from another viewpoint.

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Creativity exercise: What’s your creativity?


Creativity is not just painting or creating music. Creativity is to come up with new ideas or expressions regardless of what aspect of life they concern. Creativity is about the creative process – how to approach a problem and about the result – the idea, the invention, the artwork, the feeling, the laughter.

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Boost your creativity through yoga

Group of people are doing yoga indoors

Many non-practisers, may think of yoga, as a kind of light gymnastics for agile women, alternatively, a leg-bending practice of Indian yogis dressed in loincloths, somehow related to fakirs resting on beds of nails. While yoga could be both of that, it is also much more.

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Creative innovations don’t come easily


There is a deceptive notion that some persons are innately creative, and with a brilliant mind they come up with ground breaking innovative ideas out of nowhere. This deception has come from stories about the great geniuses whose ideas were instantaneous. Maybe the best example is the story of how the observation of a falling apple sparked Isaac Newton’s new concepts of physics.

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Five ways how to beef up your super brain

Strong brain

When I was a young medical student in the mid-1980s, I was taught that the brain was a rather fixed structure, and throughout life we would every year loose a large number of neurons that could not be regenerated. As many other “medical truths”, this has also proven to be wrong.

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The fight between your inner fears and your creative courage


We are very much steered by the primitive reactions that are evoked in our reptile brain. One of the strongest of these instincts is fear. Fear is a survival function, and potentially dangerous situations affect us much more than positive signals that say everything is calm and that we can carry on with what we are doing.

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