Dare to ask questions

Doubt and solution concept on blackboard

One of the many fears we have as humans is not to be perceived as knowledgeable and competent. Not least, many new and inexperienced managers carry such fears, believing that they need to manifest their leadership by being the one who knows the best in every situation. But this is often destined to fail for two reasons.

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Linear thinking: What is actually controlling our life choices?


Linear thinking. In our conscious thinking, we can only handle one thought at a time, but this thought is not isolated. It instead builds on the previous thought and leads to the next thought, in linear thinking chains based on a broader overall plan, where A leads to B leading to C …

Our linear thinking works both in the small everyday situations and in our big life choices. If our interest is captured by a certain phenomenon early in life, it may be history, politics, motocross, fly fishing, veganism or something else, then the first, often random contact, may sometimes lead on to a life-time interest.

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The experiment with the five monkeys


Five monkeys are placed in a cage. From the ceiling of the cage hang bananas that can be reached by using a ladder. As soon as one of the monkeys climbs the ladder to pick a banana, cool water is sprayed all over the other four apes. When the monkeys soon realise the consequence of one of them climbing the ladder, the remaining will immediately and with great force drag down anyone in the group trying to climb the ladder before the cold water is turned on. It will not be long before no one of the monkeys climbs the ladder anymore out of fear of the others.

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The importance of picking shells at the beach

Shells on the Beach

How often have you had your very best ideas at work or while you are thinking about a problem? Very rarely I would believe. More likely, it might have happened when you were washing the dishes after dinner, taking a shower, walkin in the forest or picking shells on the beach. Arkimedes got his Eureka experience when he was in the bathroom.

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10 ways to find your creative inspiration


In Medieval times, creative inspiration was regarded as a gift of God – a breath of the divine. Today, we know that our immense creative abilities stem from our marvellous brains. Yet, the creative fire emanating in our brains needs fuel, and especially when you get stuck in your creative endeavours it is good to know there are ways to clear your mind and find new inspiration.

Follow the path of the famous author Jack London, who said: “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.

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That place between sleep and awake…


The most exciting things often happen at the borders. At the border between different cultures, at the border between faith and knowledge and at the border between day and night.

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Boost your creative ability through affirmations


I have previously written about the power of regularly visualising future goals and successes as an effective way to overcome blockages and tear down unconscious mental barriers to success. An effective way to get in a good creative mood ahead of a challenging task is to use the same visualisation ability to boost the creativity by doing an affirmation exercise.

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