10 ways to find your creative inspiration


In Medieval times, creative inspiration was regarded as a gift of God – a breath of the divine. Today, we know that our immense creative abilities stem from our marvellous brains. Yet, the creative fire emanating in our brains needs fuel, and especially when you get stuck in your creative endeavours it is good to know there are ways to clear your mind and find new inspiration.

Follow the path of the famous author Jack London, who said: “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.

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10 sätt att hitta din kreativa inspiration


Under Medeltiden betraktades den kreativa inspirationen som en gåva från Gud – ett gudomligt andetag. Idag vet vi att våra enorma kreativa förmågor härrör från våra fantastiska hjärnor. Ändå behöver den kreativa elden i våra hjärnor bränsle, och speciellt när du fastnar i ditt kreativa skapande är det bra att veta att det finns sätt att rensa ditt sinne och hitta ny inspiration.

Lär från författaren Jack London, som sa: “Du kan inte vänta på inspiration. Du måste gå efter den med en klubba.

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That place between sleep and awake…


The most exciting things often happen at the borders. At the border between different cultures, at the border between faith and knowledge and at the border between day and night.

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Boost your creative ability through affirmations


I have previously written about the power of regularly visualising future goals and successes as an effective way to overcome blockages and tear down unconscious mental barriers to success. An effective way to get in a good creative mood ahead of a challenging task is to use the same visualisation ability to boost the creativity by doing an affirmation exercise.

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New times will require new skills


The young generation today is facing challenges unlike any generation before them – global warming, climate change, overpopulation, globalisation, migrant flows… But the biggest challenge will likely be the rapid technological advancements with big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, deep learning, advanced robotics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, virtual reality, and much more i.e. what is sometimes called the Smart Machine Age (SMA).

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Five tips to get your creativity off ground


Sometimes the creative thinking process is flowing without us really knowing how it works, but at least as often we may get stuck and don’t really know how to proceed. In these situations, different stimuli such as words, images, objects, etc. can be very effective in sparking the associations and thus the flow of ideas. Most effective are unrelated stimuli, which should be as different and distant as possible from your problem to really get you thinking completely outside the box.

The following five tips will help you next time you get stuck in your creative work.

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To see things from different perspectives


Sometimes we are so caught up in our own preconceived views on how the world is that we have difficulties to see things from any other perspective than our own. It is therefore useful from time to time to be reminded that the world is not black and white, but have endless gray nuances, and that the same situation may look very different from another viewpoint.

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