Be prepared to rethink everything


We often end up in situations where we can choose to do as we always have done and previously worked well, or break away from old habits to try something new.

In our private life, this may be the difference between living a predictable sometimes monotonous life with all the security it implies, or daring to change our choices of life directions in ways that can be enriching and stimulating, but may also come with a risk, not least having our worldview shaken and questioned.

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The importance of a good night’s sleep


Sleep is the vital balm that restores us after a long day of work and play, and prepares us for the next. How we feel at day is largely determined by how well we sleep at night.

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Another outside-the-box thinking challenge: “The quadrat problem”

Quadrate-problemIf you have managed to solve the nine-dot problem, you may want to dig into a new out-of-the-box thinking challenge.

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Leonardo da Vinci’s curiosity


Perhaps the most curious person in history was the universal genius Leonardo da Vinci, who embodied the Renaissance ideal. da Vinci was not only one of the best artists of his time but probably also the greatest inventor ever. He was also a scientist, anatomist, mathematician, sculptor, botanist, musician, author and much more.

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George de Mestral and Velcro

demestralInventions need not emanate from a problem, but may as well come from a combination of conscious awareness (mindfulness) and curiosity about how things are connected. One of the more revolutionary everyday innovations was born this way.

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If you want to achieve something – decide that you are already there


Doubting your ability is often the greatest obstacle to achieving your goals. If you have already ruled out your chances, you will never realize your dreams. When you really want to accomplish something, you should instead decide in your mind that you are already there.

If you want to invent something, the first step is to consider yourself as inventor. If you want to compose music, consider yourself a composer. If you want to write a book see yourself as an author. If you want to create art, take the role of an artist.

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It’s not enough to be Lean


We often hear about the importance of Lean to cope with a tougher competitive climate. But only chasing efficiency and cutting costs are not enough for a company to survive and thrive in the long run.

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To find your Ithaka


In the ancient Greek epic of Homer, Odysseus would after the war in Troy sail home to his wife and his birthplace, Ithaka. During this trip, Odyssey, which took over 10 years, Odysseus experienced a series of exciting adventures before he finally returned home. As for Odysseus, the creative process can be a long and sometimes difficult, but often exciting, journey towards a glorious goal.

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Ten great problem-solving hacks

Problem-Solving 2

We are constantly confronted with various problems. It can be at home or at work and vary from small everyday problems to major life-determining issues. The following tips can help you become a more effective problem solver.

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Safety boxes or minestrone soup: Modern neuroscience sheds light on our amazing association abilities


What is the secret behind our ability to associate and create brand new thought-patterns much more efficiently than the most powerful supercomputer? Modern neuroscience achievements about how our mind stores and manages memories shed new light on this mystery.

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