Thinking outside the box: the barometer question

When facing a problem, don’t settle for the first and most obvious solution.

BarometerThis is a short story on thinking outside the box. In a physics exam at the University of Copenhagen, the students were asked how to measure the height of a skyscraper using a barometer. One of the students suggested that you go up on the rooftop, tie a string to the barometer and lower it down to the ground and then measure the length of the string. The professor gave the student zero points on the question with reference to the fact that with his answer he did not demonstrate any knowledge of physics.The student complained with the motivation that the answer was obviously correct and, after some arguments, he was given the opportunity to provide an alternative solution to the problem.

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Tune down your filters and increase your conscious awareness

meditationThe filter functions in your brain protect you from information overload, but they may also put barriers between you and your surroundings with all its diversity, complexity and beauty. Conscious awareness and mindfulness will help you toning down these filters, and thus helping you becoming more aware and creative.

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Your habits: from narrow forrest path to expressway


Have you reflected on your habits and everything you automatically do with your autopilot turned on without even being aware of it? We, as humans are biologically hard-wired to save energy by automating all processes we routinely perform daily. In this way, we do not need to use valuable thought power on how we are moving or how we implement all the hundreds of everyday routines we have.

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The ten creative abilities

Illusion of the MindAt the beginning of my own creative exploration, I constantly returned to the question what it really is to be creative. Is it possible to define a certain creative ability? There are so many highly creative people – inventors, musicians, artists – so it should be possible to drill down to a common denominator, the magic silver bullet, a creative ability common to all creative human beings. But the more I learned about the different aspects of creativity, the more I realised that this was a side-track. There is not a single creative ability but a whole row of them, and it’s only when several of these interact and reinforce each other as we really can utilise our full creative potential.

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