Learn how to prioritise – The 80/20 principle


This time of year is often full of New Year’s resolutions about living a better life in the coming year. Perhaps exercising more, spending more time with family and friends or start with a new hobby. But how to find time for these new things, when the life puzzle is difficult to gather already as it is?

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To find your higher purpose

Canterbury Cathedral

Passion is about the optimal self-realization – doing something because it’s the right thing for yourself. Thus, if the passion brings a sense of self-esteem and self-satisfaction, then the higher purpose is something beyond oneself. To follow your higher purpose comes with a duty – towards your company, your relatives, your country or your God.

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To live your life like a martial arts master


Life is a long series of small and big choices, from the minor ones like what we eat for dinner to the big life-changing cross-roads, like career path, choice of life partner and deciding where to settle. As humans, we are creatures of habit, and it is hard-coded in our genes to create patterns and repeat actions that have proven to previously work well.

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Creative leadership: Encouraging risk taking


Being the first with something new means by definition to take a risk. Will it work? Will it be accepted? Will it hit big? Will there be a payback on the investment?

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The importance of treating employees fairly


Few things affect people more negatively than the feeling of being unfairly treated and anyone who has seen children divide a piece of cake between themselves can see that it is the millimetre justice that matters. This is deeply rooted in our genes and is strongly linked to our own self-esteem and our sense of how we are perceived and respected by persons around us and what place we have in the social hierarchy.

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The Fosbury flop and creative leadership: Rewrite the rules


Most companies and organisations operate within a market or field where things by tradition are always made in a certain way and the business is therefore governed by the unwritten rules of that area. By following these unwritten established rules, you have to compete with all the others on the market and can only succeed by constantly becoming a bit better, a bit cheaper, a bit more effective.

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Be prepared to rethink everything


We often end up in situations where we can choose to do as we always have done and previously worked well, or break away from old habits to try something new.

In our private life, this may be the difference between living a predictable sometimes monotonous life with all the security it implies, or daring to change our choices of life directions in ways that can be enriching and stimulating, but may also come with a risk, not least having our worldview shaken and questioned.

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It’s not enough to be Lean


We often hear about the importance of Lean to cope with a tougher competitive climate. But only chasing efficiency and cutting costs are not enough for a company to survive and thrive in the long run.

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The power of an inspiring vision


The world history’s most famous vision was formulated by President John F Kennedy in 1961, when he, in the shadow of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the arms race with the Soviet Union, decided to go for a moon landing. His vision was formulated in a single classic sentence: “I believe that this nation should commit itself to landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to earth before this decade is out“.

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What is the magic bullet to a creative work place?


What makes a workplace creative? You know the one buzzing with activities, where the co-workers are throwing ideas at each other and the rooms are full of energy. Recent years work place research might provide the answer.

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