Twelve strategies to increase your happiness


We all carry within us a great potential for positive energy that can be expressed in friendship, love, compassion, appreciation of nature.

The most unhappy people often have difficulty accessing this positive energy. They believe that happiness should be given to them from outside and when they don’t receive it, they feel bitter and unfairly treated. And the more bitter they are, the more they encapsulate their own positive energy potential. It is important to reverse these viscious circles.

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The world is within you


We sometimes tend to see ourselves as passive bystanders to the world around us. Events pass by in front of our eyes, without us being able to influence them and when life is against us, the reasons for our suffering lie outside us. What’s going wrong in our life is someone else’s (or circumstances) mistakes. We ourselves are victims.

But there is a completely different way of looking at the world around us. It’s not outside us, it’s inside us.

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To find your Ithaka


In the ancient Greek epic of Homer, Odysseus would after the war in Troy sail home to his wife and his birthplace, Ithaka. During this trip, Odyssey, which took over 10 years, Odysseus experienced a series of exciting adventures before he finally returned home. As for Odysseus, the creative process can be a long and sometimes difficult, but often exciting, journey towards a glorious goal.

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Live and let live – or the noble art of giving and receiving advice

Unsolicited advice

It seems that one of the more fashionable “new words”, at least in the Swedish debate, is mansplaining. Believed to be originating in 2008, Wikipedia defines it as “to explain something to someone, characteristically by a man to woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing“.

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How the right diet could increase your creativity

Modern research shows us what food to eat to be more creative and increase our well-being.


Our creativity is strongly dependent on our well-being, both physically and mentally. It goes without saying that we can turn on our flow of creative ideas easier if we are healthy, happy, well-rested and in a good condition.

There is now a growing body of evidence also what to eat in order to increase our wellbeing and to sharpen our mental capacities.

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We only see what we expect to see


Just before 8 o’clock in the morning of January 2007, a young man wearing jeans, sweater and a baseball cap steps into a subway station in central Washington DC. He picks up a violin from a case, puts the case on the ground in front of him with a few coins in and for the next 43 minutes he plays six classic pieces. During this time, 1 097 people pass. Twenty-seven of them put a coin in the case, usually on the go. Only seven people stay up and listen for at least one minute, including a three-year-old black boy who needs to be violently pulled from the place by his mother. The total revenue is 32 dollars and 17 cents.

This could be a regular mediocre street musician, but it was not.

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What nature could teach us about creativity

2017-06-24--13.36.43As a human species, we originate from the savanna, the forests and close to the water. It is in these environments we evolved during the millennia to the creative beings we are today, who, for good and for bad, eventually took over the planet we share here with all other biological life.

Creativity, undoubtedly, gets a lot of its impulses from the contacts with other people; the unexpected meetings, the discussions and the new impulses, but at least for me, this has to be contrasted with impressions and experiences from forest and water.

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