Loneliness and the three steps to maturity


In my previous blog post, I wrote about the importance of solitude for creativity. The voluntary solitude is important for inner reflection, self-exploration and creativity, but is inherently different from the involuntary loneliness.

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The importance of solitude


The creative process often takes place in solitude, and not least for artistic creation, an undisturbed space is needed to come in contact with your inner creative essence. Many highly creative people have therefore, in their moments of creating, escaped from the constant noise and distractions of other people.

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Learn how to prioritise – The 80/20 principle


This time of year is often full of New Year’s resolutions about living a better life in the coming year. Perhaps exercising more, spending more time with family and friends or start with a new hobby. But how to find time for these new things, when the life puzzle is difficult to gather already as it is?

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To get the right perspective on life


It can be both useful and enriching to occasionally retract and become absorbed by the greatness of the universe and one’s own smallness. To walk alone along a beach with the salty wind in the nostrils and listening to the sound of rolling waves and crying gulls or to gaze at a starry sky a cloudless night, untouched by light pollution, can give an intense sense of being an interconnected part of something which is much bigger than ourselves.

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It’s the journey that gives the effort its worth


Even if we like to believe that what we have achieved is the result of earlier set goals that we have consistently been struggling to achieve, life is often rather the result of a series of random events. At least that’s how it’s been for me. Nevertheless, success in life can be facilitated if you know what you want to achieve and if you then formulate this as personal goals. When you then look at the goals, make them as vivid as you can in your inner mind.

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To find your higher purpose

Canterbury Cathedral

Passion is about the optimal self-realization – doing something because it’s the right thing for yourself. Thus, if the passion brings a sense of self-esteem and self-satisfaction, then the higher purpose is something beyond oneself. To follow your higher purpose comes with a duty – towards your company, your relatives, your country or your God.

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To live your life like a martial arts master


Life is a long series of small and big choices, from the minor ones like what we eat for dinner to the big life-changing cross-roads, like career path, choice of life partner and deciding where to settle. As humans, we are creatures of habit, and it is hard-coded in our genes to create patterns and repeat actions that have proven to previously work well.

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To do or to talk about doing

Donald Trump

Sometimes our ego gets in our way of actually doing things!

The creative process often begins with a first brilliant idea, and then in our inner dialogue we paint in brilliant colors the amazing things we want to achieve. This is an important part of creativity, because if we fail to formulate our intention to ourselves, we have little chance to realise our dreams.

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Take help to find your blind spots

blind spot

We all have a point deep inside our eyes, just where the optic nerve reaches the retina, where we do not have the ability to “see”. This is our “blind spot”. Also as humans, we carry blind spots in our personalities. These are peculiarities and behaviours that exist and prevent us from fully developing ourselves.

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Eight ways to boost your creative life energy

Young woman doing cartwheel on grass

Everything runs on energy, and so does your creativity. When it comes to creativity, the energy is not the kind of that could be counted in calories, but instead your life force energy, the one that in Eastern philosophy often is called Chi.

You can easily feel when your creative energy is high. You know the days when the sun is shining brighter, your stride is lighter, and you feel like taking on any challenge. Such days your mind is alert, and the thoughts are running lose.

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