Outside the box

Test your creative skills and aptitudes with these outside-the box challenges:

Triangel problem-small      The triangle challenge / Triangelutmaningen

9-dot-problem (small)The nine dot problem / Niopunktersproblemet

quadrate-problem (small)The quadrat problem / Kvadratproblemet

munk (small)      The monk and the mountain climb / Munken och bergsvandringen

outside-the-box-(small)     One half of thirteen is eight / Hälften av elva är sex 

pug puppy dog sitting in front of  blackboard sign with hand drawn chalk question marks     Insight riddles   /   Insiktsgåtor

Ouside the box (small)     Ouside-the-box riddles  /  Utanför-lådan-gåtor

akbar-birbal (small)     Akbar and Birbal riddles  /  Akbar och Birbal-gåtor