The world is within you


We sometimes tend to see ourselves as passive bystanders to the world around us. Events pass by in front of our eyes, without us being able to influence them and when life is against us, the reasons for our suffering lie outside us. What’s going wrong in our life is someone else’s (or circumstances) mistakes. We ourselves are victims.

But there is a completely different way of looking at the world around us. It’s not outside us, it’s inside us.

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Tio tips för att vässa din problemlösningsförmåga

Problem-Solving 2

Vi konfronteras hela tiden med olika problem. Det kan var hemma eller på jobbet och variera från små vardagsproblem till stora mer livsavgörande problem. Nedanstående tips kan hjälpa dig att bli en mer effektiv problemlösare.

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Det är inte tillräckligt att vara Lean


Vi hör så ofta om betydelsen av Lean för att klara sig i ett allt tuffare konkurrensklimat. Men att enbart jaga effektivitet och kapade kostnader räcker inte för att långsiktigt ligga i framkanten.

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It’s not enough to be Lean


We often hear about the importance of Lean to cope with a tougher competitive climate. But only chasing efficiency and cutting costs are not enough for a company to survive and thrive in the long run.

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Att hitta sin Ithaka


I den gamla grekiska berättelsen av Homeros så skulle Odysseus efter kriget i Troja segla hem till sin hustru och sin födelseö Ithaka. Under denna resa, odyssé, som tog 10 år råkade Odysseus ut för en rad spännande äventyr innan han äntligen kom hem. Liksom för Odysseus kan den kreativa processen vara en lång och bitvis besvärlig, men ofta spännande, resa mot ett hägrande mål.

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To find your Ithaka


In the ancient Greek epic of Homer, Odysseus would after the war in Troy sail home to his wife and his birthplace, Ithaka. During this trip, Odyssey, which took over 10 years, Odysseus experienced a series of exciting adventures before he finally returned home. As for Odysseus, the creative process can be a long and sometimes difficult, but often exciting, journey towards a glorious goal.

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Ten great problem-solving hacks

Problem-Solving 2

We are constantly confronted with various problems. It can be at home or at work and vary from small everyday problems to major life-determining issues. The following tips can help you become a more effective problem solver.

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