Seven tips for getting creative ideas

Often, ideas appear spontaneously, but sometimes creativity needs some help on the way.

New ideas

A creative idea should be new, original and useful. An already existing product can be improved through small changes and adaptations. But creating a whole new product is much more difficult and requires more creative approaches.

In most cases, concepts from two or more completely different areas are combined into something new and useful. Not infrequently, the inspiration for this comes from something you have seen in nature or around you.

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Sju tips för att få kreativa idéer

Ofta kommer idéer spontant av sig själva, men ibland behöver kreativiteten få lite hjälp på traven.

New ideas

En kreativ idé ska vara ny, originell och användbar. En redan existerande produkt kan förbättras genom små förändringar och anpassningar. Men att skapa en helt ny produkt är betydligt svårare och kräver mer kreativa angreppssätt.

I de flesta fall kombineras idéer från två eller flera helt olika områden till något nytt och användbart. Inte sällan kommer inspirationen till detta från något man har sett i naturen eller sin omgivning.

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Listen to your inner voice

In the overflow of information competing for your attention and thoughts, its more important than ever to find the sources enabling you to listen to your own inner true voice.

Inner voice

We have come to a point in history where knowledge has never been as easily accessible as now. Through the Internet’s search engines, all human knowledge is literally available at our fingertips. But at the same time, it has never been more difficult than now to think for ourselves.

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Lyssna till din inre röst

In the overflow of information competing for your attention and thoughts, its more important than ever to find the sources enabling you to listen to your own inner true voice.

Inner voice

Vi har kommit till en punkt i historien där kunskap aldrig har varit så lättillgänglig som nu. Genom Internets sökmotorer så finns all mänsklig kunskap bokstavligen tillgänglig via våra fingertoppar. Samtidigt så har det aldrig varit svårare än nu att tänka själv.

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The story about the clean and the dirty toilets

There are often simple solutions to most problems if you have the ability to think differently.

ToiletI recently came across this thought-provoking story on the power of lateral thinking, i.e. thinking outside the proverbial box. Russi Mody, the legendary Chairman of Tata Steel from 1984-1993, was once holding a weekly meeting with Tata Steel staff  when a worker took up a niggling issue.

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Historien om de rena och de smutsiga toaletterna

Det finns ofta enkla lösningar på de flesta problem om man har förmågan att tänka annorlunda.

ToiletJag stötte nyligen på den här tankeväckande berättelsen om kraften i lateralt tänkande, dvs tänkande utanför den proverbiala lådan. Russi Mody, den legendariska ordföranden i Tata Steel 1984-1993, höll en gång ett veckomöte med anställda då en arbetare tog upp en brännande fråga.

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Seven tips how to get more time for yourself!

Perhaps the greatest threat to our creativity is our fragmented time. In today’s working life, it is hard to have one hour of undisturbed time that can be devoted to exactly what you want.


Think about where you were when you last got a good idea or solved a problem. Maybe you were taking a shower, or walking in the forest, or picking shells on the beach. But most likely you were not at work.

Your brain functions so that it constantly stores new impressions. When you struggle with a problem to be solved, the brain needs time to process the problem and relate it to all the information it has already stored.

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