Can you solve these outside-the-box riddles?

Here is another set of riddles that are designed to test your ability to think differently.

Ouside the box

Here are ten insight riddles that require a somewhat different “lateral” thinking to solve, i.e. breaking out of the normal thought barriers.

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Kan du lösa dessa utanför-lådan-gåtor?

Här är ytterligare några gåtor som testar din förmåga att tänka annorlunda.

Ouside the box

Här kommer ytterligare 10 insiktsgåtor som kräver ett lite annorlunda “lateralt” tänkande och att mentalt komma utanför de vanliga tankebegränsningarna.

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Breaking free from old thought patterns

With the brain in autopilot mode, we can perform many everyday tasks without any conscious effort. But as for anything else in the world, we pay a price for this ability to filter out the impulses that reach us.

“Break through from your mold” by Zenos Frudakis, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

With the autopilot turned on and the filters at the max mode, we simultaneously deprive ourselves from many experiences that both could enrich our daily lives and increase our creativity. Instead, this void is filled up by an endless monkey noise of thoughts that control us as much as we control them. Sometimes this may be good for creativity, but as often it is unwelcome thoughts focussing on problems and negative things.

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Bryta sig fri från gamla tankemönster

Med hjärnan i autopilotläge kan vi utföra många vardagliga handlingar utan medveten ansträngning. Men som för allting annat här i världen så betalar vi ett pris för denna förmåga att skala bort impulser som når oss.

“Break through from your mold” av Zenos Frudakis, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Med autopiloten påkopplad och filtren på max-läge så berövar vi oss samtidigt många sinnesintryck som både hade kunnat berika vår vardag och öka vår kreativitet. I stället fylls detta tomrum upp av ett ändlöst brus av tankar som styr oss lika mycket som vi styr dem. Ibland kan detta vara bra för kreativiteten, men lika ofta är det ovälkomna tankar som fokuserar på problem och negativa saker.

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Document your experiences!

Creativity, like all other processes in life, needs fuel, and the fuel for your creativity is your experiences.


Any one that wants to boost his or her creativity, in whatever field, therefore needs to be a collector of experiences and stimuli that could later either be used directly in the creative process or as a trigger for new associations. A music composer is collecting sound experiences, a painter is collecting images, an inventor is collecting ways to solve technical problems…

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Dokumentera dina erfarenheter!

Kreativitet, liksom alla andra processer i livet, behöver bränsle, och bränslet för din kreativitet är dina erfarenheter.


Den som vill öka sin kreativitet, oavsett område, behöver därför vara en samlare av erfarenheter och stimuli som senare antingen kan användas direkt i den kreativa processen eller som trigger för nya associationer. En musikkompositör samlar på ljudupplevelser, en målare samlar på bilder, en uppfinnare samlar på sätt att lösa tekniska problem …

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Outside the box solution: Cutting off the legs of the employees

Sometimes bizarre jokes and other unexpected and unrelated input could act as stimuli to come up with new and simple solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.

Disabled person in the wheelchair works in the office at the computer.

The concept of lateral thinking was introduced in the 1960s by the Maltese physician and creativity educator Edward de Bono, who has written more than 50 books on thinking and creativity. The concept of lateral thinking is based on finding as many answers as possible (divergent thinking). This is done by considering as many different choices as possible, some of which may be incorrect. The thinking is provocative and the solutions should be completely unexpected.

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