What nature could teach us about creativity

2017-06-24--13.36.43As a human species, we originate from the savanna, the forests and close to the water. It is in these environments we evolved during the millennia to the creative beings we are today, who, for good and for bad, eventually took over the planet we share here with all other biological life.

Creativity, undoubtedly, gets a lot of its impulses from the contacts with other people; the unexpected meetings, the discussions and the new impulses, but at least for me, this has to be contrasted with impressions and experiences from forest and water.

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Fem steg för effektiv problemlösning (och tre till)

Cartoon Business Teamwork Concept

Om du skulle förmodas tro att 1-på miljonen-idén uppstår av sig själv i ett vakuum så tror du ordentligt fel. Allting är en process som börjar redan när vi föds. Att bekanta sig med den här processen är till stor hjälp om man vill träna upp sina kreativa muskler, oavsett om det rör sig om forskning, konstnärligt skapande eller innovationer.

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Five steps for effective problem-solving (and 3 more)

Cartoon Business Teamwork Concept

If you believe that the one-in-a-million idea spontaneously appears in a vacuum, then you’re wrong. Problem-solving is a process that begins already when you are born. Getting acquainted with this process is very helpful if you want to train your creative muscles, be it in research, art or innovations.

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