Komplexitet och motsägelser hos den höggradigt kreativa individen

Josephine BakerPsykologiprofessorn och kreativitetsforskaren Mihály Csikszentmihályi har studerat närmare hundra höggradigt kreativa individer, som varit banbrytande inom sina områden, för att försöka förstå vad det är som gör att de lyckas komma upp med och genomföra så många nya och revolutionära idéer.

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Complexity and contradictions of the highly creative individual

Josephine BakerThe psychology professor and creativity researcher Mihály Csikszentmihályi has studied nearly a hundred highly creative individuals, who were groundbreaking in their fields, to try to understand what it is that makes them manage to come up with and implement so many new and revolutionary ideas.

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The ten creative abilities

Illusion of the MindAt the beginning of my own creative exploration, I constantly returned to the question what it really is to be creative. Is it possible to define a certain creative ability? There are so many highly creative people – inventors, musicians, artists – so it should be possible to drill down to a common denominator, the magic silver bullet, a creative ability common to all creative human beings. But the more I learned about the different aspects of creativity, the more I realised that this was a side-track. There is not a single creative ability but a whole row of them, and it’s only when several of these interact and reinforce each other as we really can utilise our full creative potential.

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